Friday, July 27, 2007

VBS 2007

For the Smile of a Child

The little child was, and still is, so important to Jesus. He always had time for children and He rebuked those who didn't. He told us we must come to Him like a little child. That's why children are such a major part of our ministry here in Costa Rica. They are the forgotten of many denominations and religions. They have no monetary wealth to give, no political powers, and no skills. They are simply little children. Yet how precious they are to our loving God and how beautiful when a smile of joy lights their faces! It is all worthwhile for the smile of a child.
The slide show in the post above is our way of sharing the joy of those heartwarming smiles with you. Watch the slide show and meet the 2007 VBS team. The team consisted of 8 members from Pennsylvania; our daughter Becca; Ronnie, a Costa Rican who drove the second van; and Sam and I for a total of 12.
In a period of 11 workdays, 2 church services and 24 VBS presentations were done in 6 different locations. The presentations consisted of Bible stories, songs, memory verses, games, and activities. Using gospel colors bracelets (made during the activity times) each and every person in attendance was given God´s plan of salvation. A total of 1,764 people heard the Good News of God´s love, and 221 people came forward during the altar calls to pray for salvation! What a tremendous blessing! And what a privilege to serve the King of kings and Lord of lords with the team from Pennsylvania! It was a hectic time of hard work, long hours, and many miles of travel, but it was a precious time of being used of God to touch the hearts of little children. The fellowship was sweet. The time of sharing and praying together was uplifting. The time of parting was tearful, but filled with a blessed hope that the lost and dying world doesn't understand but desperately needs. Our prayer is that your heart might be touched by these precious children and their joyous smiles.
Sam and Kathie