Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Share the Blessings - Update

Please be sure to scroll down and read the original Share the Blessings post below. Just wanted to give everyone an update on our progress toward providing a Christmas gift to the 75 children we are working with this year. As you know from the original post we were still in need of funds for 25 children. Well........Praise the Lord! That number has dropped to 18 children and we have 5 other people who have contacted us that they are planning to help us meet this need. To each of you who have helped or who have promised.....thank you so much for making Christmas a special time for these little ones. I will give another update next week. Please be sure to include our ministry, this need, and our family in your prayers. May God greatly bless you.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Share the Blessings

The time is rapidly approaching when we will remember the birth of God's Son, Jesus Christ. For many people that means the giving of gifts to friends and family, and to those who are less fortunate. It is a time to give to others as God so unselfishly gave to us. Each year we, the Nolasco family, here in Costa Rica strive to share the meaning and the joy of this special time with the children we work with in the ministry. This year we have 75 children. To date we have been blessed by finding enough donations to provide a gift for 50 of the children. We still need help to provide for the other 25. As many of you know, we work with children who live in extreme poverty and many of them are in abusive situations as well. For these precious young ones a gift of love and kindness is something they have experienced far too rarely in their lives. We are truly in need of your help and your prayers as we seek to meet the needs of these remaining 25 children. We are hoping to have approximately $20 per child. This will allow us to purchase them clothing or shoes or personal items such as toothpaste and shampoo or school supplies, and possible a small toy like a doll or a car. If any of you would like to help meet this need we would be most grateful. You may contact us by leaving a comment on this post or by emailing us at nolascoincostarica@hotmail.com . The slideshow are photos of the 25 still to be provided for. Blessings to you and yours.