Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Share the Blessings - second update

Just to keep those of you who are praying about the Christmas gift situation up-to-date......God is blessing greatly. We have only 12 children left who are without a gift. Please continue to pray about this need and share it with others. We want to thank those of you who have helped in this. We cannot begin to tell you how much it means to us and to these children.


Once Upon a Dream... said...

That's awesome!

Kelli Standish said...

I would like to cover gifts for five children. Please get in touch with me via e-mail and let me know how I can get the funds to you!

Cheering you on,
Kelli Standish

Melanie Dobson said...

Hi Kathie! Are you still needing gifts for these kids?


kaytebug said...

Sent ya $$ today...

kaytebug said...

How many more do you need $$ for?