Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Searching the Scripture

GOD exists. We know this is true. All around us is evidence of HIS existence. We need only open our eyes and look around.

Turn to Psalm 19:1 and read it slowly to yourself. The words are beautiful and powerful. The beauty and the glory of the heavens shout out the existence of GOD.

Read Romans 1:20. All creation teaches us about GOD and HIS eternal power. Those who chose to deny GOD's existence have no excuse. Creation declares that GOD is. If we accept the Scripture we will acknowledge the existence of GOD.

Man has a universal belief in a supreme being. Every tribe on every continent believe in a being higher and greater than themselves, and they believe that this being creates and has power over creation.

Read Romans 2:15 The existence of GOD is written in the human heart and mind.

Read Acts 17:23. Although they did not know HIM personally, the Athenians knew that GOD existed.

It is doubtful that a true atheist exists. A blind man may say that the sun does not exist because he cannot see it, but that does not change the fact that the sun does indeed rise and set every day.

Why are some so insistent that GOD does not exist? It isn't because they cannot find HIM. Rather it is because if HE exists then they are faced with the fearful responsibility of being accountable to HIM for their deeds. The atheist says there is no GOD. In this way he is not responsible to anyone and he can live and die as he pleases.

I have never seen my brain, but I know I have one. It controls my central nervous system. I live and breath because of that control. I don't have to see my brain to see what it does. Because I can see this wonderful and complex world I live in, I can believe in the existence of GOD.

During the week, don't forget to spend time in GOD's Word. Pray and grow.

Abundant Blessings!