Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rocking and Rolling

Earthquakes are a daily happening here in Costa Rica. Not just one a day, but several a day. During the week of June 13-20, we had a total of 75 earthquakes. That´s an average of 9 a day!!!!! Here is a daily break down of last week's quakes.
June 13 - 4 quakes
June 14 - 8 quakes
June 15 - 10 quakes
June 16- 10 quakes
June 17 - 10 quakes
June 18 - 11 quakes
June 19 - 15 quakes
June 20 - 8 quakes

Many of the quakes are light tremors that are not noticable. However, our largest quake was on the 17th at 11:28 AM and measured 5.8 . The house groaned, the windows rattled, and the chandelier over the dining room table did a bit of swinging.

As a geologist (that's what I have my degree in, but God had other plans for me) I must admit that I find the quakes rather exciting. They happen so often here that most people don´t even pay any attention to all the rocking and rolling.

In my next post I will give a brief geology lesson about why Costa Rica is so prone to earthquakes and volcanoes.

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