Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Earthquake Update

Well, the week of June 27 through July 4 was rather quiet. Only 76 tremors. The largest was a 4.7. Barely enough to rattle the windows.
Most of the quakes (tremors) that occur here are 3's or less, and unless you are either lying down or sitting down and are perfectly still, you would never notice them. A 4.5 will make the roof rafts groan abit. A 5 will gently rattle the windows. A 6 will vibrate things off their shelves and make the chandelier over the dining room table swing back and forth.
Quite often I can hear them before feeling them. Especially a 5 or higher. Sound waves travel at a faster speed then the ground waves. It is a low pitched rumbling almost like distant thunder. Sometimes the neighborhood dogs will set up a real din before I feel it. Sound apparently hurts their ears.
The most interesting quake I've experienced actually happened in Granada, Nicaragua. We were having lunch at an open air cafe on the main plaza when a 5.2 occurred. You could actually see the ground rolling like gentle waves on a lake. It was really weird, and of course, being a geologist, I loved it.

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