Friday, July 18, 2008

Parents, Teach Your Children

Not to go with anyone, for any reason, without your permission!

Not to wander off, to avoid lonely places, and not to take shortcuts through alleys or deserted areas.

They are safer walking or playing with friends.

Always come straight home from school unless you've made other arrangements.

Not to enter anyone's home without your permission.

To scream, run away and tell you or a trusted adult if anyone attempts to touch or grab them.

Not to go with anyone who offers them treats, toys, or money or asks them to help find a lost pet.

Not to give any information over the internet or telephone, particularly their name and address, or that they are alone.

Keep all doors locked and not to open the door to anyone without your permission.

Not to leave your home or yard without your permission.

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Days like These! said...

I am going to link to this. Thank you for the reminder.